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Rahul Gandhi: The victim of intolerance?
"Just see the intolerance of the news channels?" Banwarilal said this in a very loud and angry voice while entering in to my chamber. I was very busy in deliberating an estimate that was really urgent. Thus I just saw him for a moment and signaled him to take a chair and wait till I complete my work. Then I got busy again with my laptop.

"Now a days you are also intolerant of me," he said in a complaining tone not finding me interested in his sudden burst against news channels.

My friend Banwarilal is a self claimed activist having his own typical logic (how ridiculous it may be) and never waste a moment to give his opinion. Many always distanced from him, some even mock him, but he never cared. I am unfortunately a close friend of him and a very tolerant guy to his even out of World logics. That's why I was bit irritated when he blamed me for being intolerant towards him.

I just gave him a stern look, raised my hand indicating to wait for two more minutes so that I can complete the part of estimate I was working on. He didn't tell anything but showed desperateness while knocking my table through his fingers.

"Yes now you tell me what bothered you," I asked him after completing the part of estimate while closing the laptop.

"You don't know?" he asked as if I should know everything under the sun.

"No, I don't know anything about what you want to say?" I answered. "However regarding news channel's intolerance I am of the opinion that they are somehow very critical of Narendra Modi government and they scrutinise everything which is related to Narendra Modi. But I never considered it as an intolerance like you always claim!"

Then I suddenly realized that Banwarilal had recently left Modi camp. (Ref: Merinews article 'Nitish going RSS way').

"Who's the recent victim of news channels?" I was really clueless although I was guessing perhaps Banwarilal has rejoined Modi camp.

He saw me for some moments perhaps ensuring whether I knew the recent subject rather activism he has taken up. (His activism is limited to express his anger).

"It's Rahul Gandhi," he said as if he had made a big expose.

I was really surprised this time. As I know that, Rahul Gandhi has always been given importance by the news channels as he is the biggest critic of Narendra Modi.

"Will you please explain me?" finally I asked him.

"Narendra Modi was giving speech in Rajya Sabha concluding the debate on 'Commitment to Constitution. At the same time Rahul Gandhi was speaking in Lok Sabha on intolerance."

"So news channels would have covered Narendra Modi's speech only," I interjected.

"No that's not exact fact," he intervened, "all news channels showed both Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha and Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha on their screens. The horrible part is they muted Rahul Gandhi's speech. Narendra Modi's speech was audible only."

I didn't understand what the point of Banwarilal was. Finally I said, "Look, news channels have their TRP compulsion. One may love Modi or hate Modi, but none can ignore him or his speech. That's why wherever he gives a speech all channels telecast it. In this case according to you, they at least had shown the pictures of Rahul Gandhi's speech. Where is the intolerance in it?"

"There you lack simple logic man!" he said in a critical tone, "If you want to cover Modi, you cover it, why to show Rahul's video by muting the audio? Isn't it gross intolerance towards Rahul Gandhi by showing him in a manner as if he's nothing compared to Narendra Modi?"

I shook my head helplessly. He perhaps understood my point so he said in a correcting tone, "Ok, Modi is the Prime Minister, but Rahul is at least the biggest opposition leader. He should have been given equal importance."

"In which camp you are in today man?" I asked amusingly.

"It's not about which camp you belong to," he answered in a very mature tone, "It's the fare journalism not to be biased with!"

"So what your activism says now?" I asked in a very funny tone, "Or what punishment to the news channels you are prescribing?"

He though for some moments and then said as if he was delivering a verdict, "I think a two day boycott of all channels perhaps would be sufficient!"

"Why don't you boycott the channels for a month at least," I said while teasing him, "At least I would have been saved from your intolerant activism!"

"Don't talk nonsense!" he grunted while leaving my chamber.

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